The set of toy soldiers "Ancient Rome"

This set is dedicated to the roman legionaries leaded by Julius Cesar. The set consists of 10 toy soldiers and the coat of arms of the collection. It also first time presents 3 new figures, one of them is a catapult "Scorpion"

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52 BC. All of Gaul is in revolt. A huge army of Gauls led by the young chief Vercingetorix has challenged the might of Rome.

The earth rumbled under the heavy footsteps of the Romans, the sun blazed on the short swords and golden eagles of the legions. Caeser’s troops were going to war.

Join the great commander Gaius Julius Caesar and participate with him in the great battles! Buy a set of "Ancient Rome" and reconstruct scene of the battle!

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The set of toy soldiers "Ancient Rome"
The set consists of 10 toy soldiers of 40mm scale and the collection’s metal coat of arms on the branded base. Coat of arms has special fixing to wear on clothes. The set includes an illustrated booklet with the history of each character collection. Packing set is the original cardboard box, made in a convenient book format. Inside the box was placed a special tool tray with soft flock of storage metal toy soldiers. Collection set “Ancient Rome" will be the perfect gift for all lovers of history and military miniatures.

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35.00 not available

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